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Cureguard is a joint venture specializing in the production

 of disposable medical and protective PVC gloves With foreign businessmen, located in No.65 Shenzhen Road, The Economic Development zone of Suqian, now we have 26 production lines and our capacity can meet 30 million each year.Our products have been exported to such developed countries and regions as North America,Europe,Japan and Australia etc..

we recruit the following positions.Due to the requirement of development,

Men and Women worker, QC inspector, Mechanic, Electrician, Warehouse keeper.


18 to 45 one full year of life, physical and mental health, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have a certain work ethic; Technical jobs require two years or above related working experience, must hold relevant certificates, Works is responsible earnestly

 Work time

Eight hours(three shifts or day shift), two shifts(12 hours, one day off each week)

About the Salary

Piecework post: 2000-3500 yuan/month;

Timer post :2000---2800 yuan/month,

Technical post :2600--3500 yuan/month


 We have staff canteen in our factory ,offering three diversified meals with ordering system, we distribute the meals allowance every month .Free accommodation don't charge the electricity and water,

 public bath,water room, supermarket and other basic facilities in the living quarters open throughout the day


welfare allowance

1 Organize outstanding personnels out of tourism annualy, any worker could get a cake voucher on his/her birthday;

2 Any qualified worker could get work full hours award,Quality award Middle –Night shift subsidies post allowance, etc; every month

3, Enjoy marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave statutory holiday according to state regulations

4 Distribute labor insurance supplies on time for cooling purposes and high temperature allowance in summer

5 Pay social security according to the provisions of the state, buy commercial insurance for each one besides;

6 Distribute year-end bonus ,holidays benefits and other welfare

Notice of the application

Applicants who are interested, , please send your resume with your latest one-inch photo, the original and 2copies of your ID, diploma and qualification certificate, indicating the position you want to apply for to us( positions limited ,please apply immediately.)

 Address: No.65, Shenzhen Road, the Economic Development Zone of Suqian.

Telephone: 88286010