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Disposable pvc gloves,EU enforce the ban on the cadmium in plastics

Post time:2013-3-25

Cadmium ban by EU came into effect on a number of products in Jan 10,2012,plastics, including plastic (disposable PVC gloves plastic) jewelry and welding rod.

Sales of jewelry containing high concentrations cadmium in EU,especially the man-made jewelries import from Asia.the European commission focus very much on it. Therefore legislative controls were made.There is evidence that cadmium have a strong impact on human health through the surface or mouth and induce a variety of cancers,pulmonary disease and hepatopathy.

So the European Union banned decorations with cadmium content in weight more than 0.01% into the market, of which including Metal beads, bracelet, necklace, ring, punch accessories, wrist, hand belt, brooch, cufflinks, and so on. Antique jewelry is not affected by the ban.


 Besides, the usage limit of the ban has been expanded to the whole plastic(PVC glove plastic) fininshed products. Since 1992, the EU has prohibit large part (plastic disposable PVC gloves) plastic finished products containing cadmium.Later,PVC(manufactured powder free PVC Glove plastic )manufacturers has found the replacement, and Volunteered to give up using cadmium.

  Since Jan 10, 2012, all decorations put in the EU market and all plastic finished product (Transmission of PVC gloves plastic), Cadmium content in component may not be equal to or more than 0.01%.

  However, Recycling and reuse of low cadmium content (production plastic disposable PVC gloves) of PVC wastes can be exempt, but only for limited the use of products, such as building products. Before the products has been put into the market, it is necessary to put a logo or attach "contains recycled PVC (PVC gloves production have powder plastic)" words, let the user know that these recycled PVC gloves (PVC plastic) contain cadmium.

At last, the new ban is also suitable for welding rod. Welding rod is used for high temperature metal welding soft metal bar. Consumers often use in the manufacture of model trains and cars. Study creates, containing cadmium welding rod will release after heating the smoke, inhale the body can cause damage. Geometry for defense and aerospace industry and other professional use welding rod is not affected by the ban.