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Is it necessary to use disposable gloves ?
Yes, it is very necessary ! Using disposable gloves can keep hands dry and clean, protect hands from irritants and chemical damage In most industries in USA,eg,food industry,medical industry and manufacture industry,related laws and regulations stipulate have to use disposable gloves to guarantee the operators and touched goods keep clean and hygeian
If the gloves are the thicker the better ,the price will be higher the thiner the worse, the price will be lower ?
The gloves quality depend on tightness and the tensile strength,and have no direct connection to thickness.
Why there is color difference among the different sizes of gloves ?
During production, different sizes gloves are produced in different production lines. The temperature in different production lines has large fluctuation, which causes the content of chlorine in gloves different . So the color of gloves produced in different production lines may be different.